Tang Bohua - Country of Summer Insects

03.03. - 30.04.2016

SinArts Space has the pleasure of presenting the animation and original paintings of Tang Bohua. (CN, 1986)

The Zhuangzi is one of the most important books in Taoist philosophy. Based on the colourful and often fantastic tales of Master Zhuang, it is one of the most influential philosophical books in philosophical history. As a young man, Tang Bohua (CN, 1986) spent much time around Taoist temples in his home town of Liuyang. Inspired by the stories he heard from the old masters and the creativity of the temple sculptures, he presents to us his first animation based on a famous quote from the Zhuangzi.

By painting almost 10,000 scenes and figures on plasterboard, using classic fresco techniques and his own mix of paint and minerals, Tang has brought to life the story of a young general, a scholar and a hulk as they go in search of Winter.

SinArts has the honour of presenting to you this fabulous animation accompanied by a large number of these beautiful fresco paintings.



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