SinArts Gallery Presents:



A solo presentation by Naoki Fuku

03.02 - 10.03.2018



February 3rd 2018



SinArts Gallery has the great pleasure of hosting the first solo show by Naoki Fuku in the Benelux.  A preliminary conclusion to Fuku’s Before the 7th series, this exhibition focusses more on his conceptual paintings in which Naoki brings together his criticism of the art world, as well as the world at large, through cynical and colourful compositions. The title of the exhibition lends itself as a direct reference to René Magritte's iconic Ceci n'est pas une pipe, and stands as a symbol for the confusion and absurdity Naoki sees around him every day.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a introduction text by Mette Samkalden, Art Consultant from Amsterdam, about the progression of Fuku’s work. The text is available freely at the gallery and upon request

Naoki Fuku is a Japanese artist born in Tokyo. After his studies, he moved to London where he started to focus on his artistic career. Naoki Fuku now lives and works in Germany, Switzerland and Japan.

A self-taught artist, Fuku did study painting as well as 'Shodo', Japanese Calligraphy, under the Japanese painter Naoko Yanase during his childhood. His oeuvre now consists of object works, ink and oil paintings which often take a mixed view on social, political, cultural and personal issues in both systematic as well as poetic ways. His work invites the viewer to move into a space of speculation. The media coverage of world affairs and his own reality are his main sources of inspiration, while the feeling of modernity is hidden in most of his works. Naoki Fuku directly appeals to the viewers’ most intimate self in the middle of today’s exhausting life. By mixing the traditional techniques of calligraphy with the direct approach of western expressionism.

The artist's work has been exhibited at galleries, museums and alternative venues in Japan, Switzerland, Germany, England, France, Austria, Hungary, Spain, USA, Belgium, Brazil, the Netherlands and Russia.