Fang Lijun (b.1963)

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Fang Lijun, Comrades(II), woodblockprint on silkpaper, 120x80cm, signed and dated, 2000, 18/65

Fang Lijun, Comrade, woodblockprint on silkpaper, 120x80cm, signed and dated, 2000, 18/65

One of the/our original heroes. Fang Lijun is part of the first generation to come out of the art academies in China after the cultural revolution. He was also the first artist from China to have a solo-exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum. Known across the globe and the auction houses for his paintings of yawning/screaming heads, part of the cynical Realism movement, Fang Lijun was originally educated as a graphic. These woodblocks take him back to that original training and his natural talent shows. close inspection shows how quickly these have been made, and yet they maintain an amount of detail which keeps astonishing. Add to that the five tones of grey…