SinArts Gallery is happy to invite you to the opening of "After Translation - a Liao Zhixin solo" on saturday April 13th from 16h.

Liao Zhixin about the Exhibition:
Sensibility and suspicion have made me realize that I have an inaccurate perception of what communication, culture and art are in Western society. I extracted this inaccuracy concept from images, news, conversation and facts from everyday life. I’m using and combining it in my practice as an artist through a humorous and alternative way. Therefore, in my work ideas of hiding and shelter, copy and specification, hoarding and consuming are referred to, but with them, comes falsehoods, illusions, and traps.

I don't want to say I'm a painter. For me, the exhibition space is a big box in which I place different elements using canvas, plaster, plastic, and foam. The audience becomes another autonomous element.

I don’t want to say ‘this is a painting,’ but when people come to my show, they might be looking at a painting. But they might also be a part of a painting.

I create a space in which you either don’t know or you might misunderstand something. I need those inaccuracies to be a part of the work.