SinArts Gallery Presents:


Why Not Ink? | Ma Hui solo exhibition. (20.10.-24.11.2018)

”I have had a strong bond with water all my life. On the banks of the Yellow River I used to listen to boats men’s songs, never getting bored with it. “

–Ma Hui 

SinArts Gallery is proud to invite you to our first exhibition of the works of Ma Hui at our gallery. After a succesful presentation at Art The Hague last month we are now very excited to be able to present a broader selection of the wonderful shuimo paintings by an internationally respected artist, acclaimed by equally wellknown collectors. The works on display will come straight from the artist’s studios in Beijing and Amsterdam.

Short film showing the working process of Chinese Dutch painter Ma Hui. ShuiMo/Water and Ink literally flow across her paper

Review: Landschappen van en voor de geest - Dan Dickhof (Jegens&Tevens)

Sometimes it is best to let the artist decribe her own practice and influences.

Find out more about Ma Hui here.