Chen Hangfeng (Shanghai, 1974)

Trained as a painter, Chen Hangfeng obtained his BA from the Fine Arts College of Shanghai University. His work includes drawing & painting, paper-cuts, photo, video, installation and performance. His practice deals with issues of surrounding commercialization, environmentalism, globalization and cultural transmutation, often realized through playful metaphors when he merges concepts and mediums like an alchemist.

To Chen Hangfeng the omnipresent branding and logos in society today play a large part in subverting original, classical Chinese folk arts, motifs, designs and patterns; label obsession, loss of identity and a throwaway society have become important issues in his work. His series Invasive Species plays with that idea, and the continuing interference and alteration of traditional imagery.

For his first solo-show at the Gallery, we have commissioned a special text by independant Curator Rebecca Catching about his 2018 video Excited With No Reason. The work was also the title piece for the exhibition and brings together materials which Chen Hangfeng has produced over the past 8 years.